All That's Jazz (Paperback)

By Sammy Stein

Tomahawk Press, 9780955767098, 200pp.

Publication Date: October 9, 2017

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All That’s Jazz is about the passion of jazz music; how jazz persists as a genre; its evolving development and how it affects those who play, record, host and manage the industry. Jazz in the 21st century is a huge but little-explored community, consisting of artists, record labels, magazines, jazz venues, jazz festivals and jazz radio stations. Jazz is increasing in popularity in all of the best music colleges. All That’s Jazz explores all of this and more – for the first time all of contemporary jazz culture is explored, with contributions from  the leading names in the industry. What makes jazz persist? How is it changing? And what is its future?

Sammy Stein is known for her interviews with many musicians and her insightful reviews of CDs, concerts and articles on jazz history and the current jazz scene. Sammy is columnist for All About Jazz, Something Else Reviews and Jazz in Europe and is renowned for her insightful, honest and accessible writing style. Many in the jazz world are already excited about this book, and so they should be. It is the book that Jazz has been waiting for!

About the Author

Sammy Stein knows jazz musicians. A popular writer, reviewer and blogger about jazz, Sammy’s writings are shared by jazz musicians on social media, on their websites and with their fans. She involves managers of venues, hosts and owners of clubs in articles and discussions on jazz to present a completed, rounded picture of the jazz world.

Sammy Stein has her own columns on All About Jazz (the biggest and most widely read on-line jazz publication) and is a regular contributor to Something Else Reviews, Jazz in Europe, and Record Collector. She writes CD reviews, live gig reviews and articles on the history of jazz, the industry, writing about music and musicians.

The editor of Jazz in Europe says about Sammy, ‘I like the human interest aspects, far more engaging for the reader.’  The musicians often get great feedback from her articles and they say her writing is important, different and accessible.

Sammy Stein is quickly emerging to be one to be one of the top writers on jazz and jazz culture.