A Filth of Starlings: A Compilation of Bird and Aquatic Animal Group Names (Paperback)

A Compilation of Bird and Aquatic Animal Group Names

By Patrickgeorge, Patrickgeorge (Illustrator)

Patrickgeorge, 9780956255815, 48pp.

Publication Date: May 1, 2011



Nominated for the Kate Greenaway Award, this is an eye-popping compilation of animal group names with a fresh, contemporary design approach
A school of whales, a flock of geese, a murder of crows: these are some of the animal group names we have grown up with. But have you heard of a congregation of crocodiles, a flamboyance of flamingos, or a smack of jellyfish? Then turn the pages of this book to discover a collection of lesser-known and sometimes more fanciful ones--a fever of stingrays, a storytelling of ravens, a battery of barracudas, and more, illustrated with bold, punchy shapes and colors that are powerful to the eye and the mind.

About the Author

PatrickGeorge is an independent publisher that offers a full range of graphic design and illustration services. By focusing on unique designs and bold illustrations, they aim to produce books for kids that are witty and educational, colorful and accessible, challenging and stimulating, and--perhaps most importantly--fun.