Cosmic Dancer: The Life and Music of Marc Bolan (Paperback)

The Life and Music of Marc Bolan

By Paul Roland

Tomahawk Press (GA), 9780956683403, 304pp.

Publication Date: May 7, 2012



Roland knows more about Bolan than any other living being, (Tom Hibbert, New Music News) Marc Bolan was the biggest pop star in post-Beatles Britain and in 1972 the Beatles acknowledged Bolan and his group T.Rex as their natural successor. His singles outsold the combined sales of Jimi Hendrix and The Who. But just when Bolan was at the summit of his success it all went sour. This is the incredible story of Marc Bolan's rollercoaster rise to fame and his resurrection as the selfstyled 'Godfather of Punk' that promised to put him back on top until the fatal accident in 1977 which cut short his life and hopes of a comeback - an accident mysteriously accurately predicted by Bolan himself. Paul Roland chronicles the life and music of the vibrato-voiced glam rock idol and 20th century boy who created some of the most instantly appealing and enduring songs of the 70s - 'Ride A White Swan', ''Hot Love', 'Get It On', 'Telegram Sam', 'Children of the Revolution' and 'Solid Gold Easy Action' - in what appears to have been a fevered rush to cheat Fate. Cosmic Dancer is a truly definitive account of one of the most colourful and contradictory characters in rock, and features a cover by the renowned artist George Underwood and is illustrated with many rare and previously unpublished photographs. This is going to be my year Everybody remembers Rudolph Valentino and I am determined that everybody will remember me. (Marc Bolan 1977) I never had any competition except from Marc Bolan I fought like a madman to beat him. (David Bowie) Sometimes I get a funny feeling inside me that I shan't be here very long and I'm not talking in terms of things like success. It frightens me sometimes. (Marc Bolan 1971) I am my fantasy. I am the 'Cosmic Dancer' who dances his way out of the womb and into the tombI'm just a rock and roll poet man who's just bopping around on the side I've always been a wriggler. (Bolan 1971)