The Mechanics of Poetry: A Glossary of Poetic Terms (Paperback)

A Glossary of Poetic Terms

By Su Falcon Soref

Precision Wordage Press, 9780962709005, 72pp.

Publication Date: January 1, 2002



A practical glossary of poetry designed to enhance appreciation and writing skillsWrite better poetry or just enjoy reading it more. In the tradition of The Elements of Style, this slim volume distills the structure and terminology of poetry down to the concise essentials and makes them clear and easy to understand. Whether you are a writer wanting to expand your skills or a reader wanting to get the most enjoyment from every poem, The Mechanics of Poetry will open new vistas of understanding and appreciation.The Mechanics of Poetry does not promise to make a poet out of you, but it will take the mystery out of writing poetry and provide insight into the beauty of language as a tool for art and communication.The Mechanics of Poetry defines the basic concepts used in poetry in a logical sequence with clear, simple language. This essential and easy to understand little book is packed with information useful in any field of writing, from journalism to poetry to song lyrics.

About the Author

Su Falcon Soref has been a working writer for more than 30 years, writing a wide range of material that includes advertisements, press releases, films, plays, commercials, and short stories. She is also the founder of Precision Wordage, Inc., and She lives in Southern California.