Flight of the Goose: A Story of the Far North (Paperback)

A Story of the Far North

By Lesley Thomas

Far Eastern Press, 9780967884219, 434pp.

Publication Date: February 8, 2010


About the Author

Lesley Thomas grew up in rural communities in the Alaskan Arctic. She also was raised on on a fishing boat in Southeast Alaska and on a small farm in the Pacific Northwest. Her families of birth and of intermarriage branch from cultures all over the Earth and include hunters and gatherers, scientists and healers. Her interest in shamanism, storytelling and birds began early. To write Flight of the Goose, she also used her background in ecology and field research on the effects of oil spills on arctic salt marsh. Thomas has taught at colleges and published poetry, fiction and nonfiction. Although she now lives in Seattle, she returns often to the Far North to visit her ever-growing family and the beautiful land.