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Cover for The Happy Clam

The Happy Clam

Rosemary A. Schmidt


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This book picks up where Rose's last book left off. If Go Forward, Support was all about staying a child as long as possible, this book is all about being an adult. Started many years ago and finished in 2020, with the world on the brink of a global pandemic, this book's messages of hope and happiness are perhaps needed now more so than ever before. The Happy Clam scales the realms of happiness - physical, intellectual, emotional, relational, spiritual - bringing together findings from across the fields of psychology and philosophy, with practical advice on how to apply them and be happier. It turns out there are a thousand little things we can do to invite a little more happiness into our lives, to nudge the needle a tick or two, but only a few things that really make a difference. Why happy clam? Just as clams are filter feeders, taking in nourishment from what's in the passing current, Rose has taken in all the bits and bytes of daily news, research, and experience, and stitched them together to create a delicately-crafted mosaic rich in hope and inspiration. The book also shares deeply personal experiences, with both humor and gravity in the face of loss, along with serving up some favorite family recipes.

Gainline Press, 9780970852823, 242pp.

Publication Date: July 25, 2020