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The Tao of Dating

The Smart Woman's Guide to Being Absolutely Irresistible

Ali Binazir


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The most-highlighted ebook on Amazon? What in the world are so many professional women -- doctors, entrepreneurs, lawyers, CEOs, world-class artists, scientists, Met opera singers -- finding so useful that they're highlighting the book 31 times on average?Some of the top highlighted passages:
  • 'When you chase anything in life, you are affirming its lack in your life.'
  • 'Love is the sustained, ever-deepening appreciation of another person over time.'
  • 'The right person is the one who catalyzes an abundance of fulfilling feelings in your life, like love, peace and contentment.'
  • 'If you're ever going to compare, compare yourself to your former self, and notice how far you have come along. And stay centered on your fulfillment, which will be different from that of anyone else.'
  • 'When you feel gratitude, you feel good, and when you feel good, you glow. Other people will gravitate towards you.'
  • 'You are what you pretend to be, so pretend to be the best you can be.'
For Grown-Ups OnlyTen years ago, I wrote this book with the hope of helping a few friends and college classmates who were struggling with their love lives. Since then, it has been the highest-rated dating book on Amazon for 7 years, helping tens of thousands of smart, strong women just like you create greater love and fulfillment in their lives all over the world. Doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, world-class artists, scientists, nurses, opera singers, technologists - have all enriched their lives. I hope you can, too.
I've also noticed that the book appeals to a particular demographic: grown-up women. If you're currently preoccupied with chasing the latest bright shiny object that doesn't necessarily make you happy, or getting as many matches as possible on dating apps, then there are other books out there for you.
But if you're ready for something like a rich, warm, deeply fulfilling love life with people who bring out the best in you - then hallelujah I wrote this book specifically for you. Welcome to the era of creating your best life Not your grandma's dating guidePartially because I'm not your grandma, and also because the 21st century poses unprecedented challenges to the modern professional woman:
  • What do when guys are less educated or affluent than you
  • The perfect guy vs. the perfect guy for you
  • Why good women get (and stay) in bad relationships
  • Bad boys: how to spot and avoid them, like, forever
  • How to love your body now -- it's about time
  • It's raining men: 13 places to meet great guys
  • Why long-distance relationships are evil and just plain wrong
  • Fail-safe ways to make men approach you
  • Rejection-Proof yourself (without needing to spray yourself)
  • How to be irresistible: it really works - IF you dare
  • The Three-Man plan: controversial yet effective
  • The 3 ways to make a man fall in love with you (including the VERY wrong way)
  • What drives men away: from firsthand experience, ahem
  • How to keep a man worth keeping
I give you small, simple steps that put the fun back into dating, plus the science and reasoning behind it. Join the tens of thousands of women who have transformed their lives with The Tao of Dating.

Elite Communications LLC, 9780977984572, 284pp.

Publication Date: April 4, 2013

About the Author

Hi there! Dr Ali Binazir here, and I'm thrilled you're paying a visit. Relevant credentials: --I've got a bachelor's degree from Harvard College. This means I can put two thoughts together and express them in a way you understand. More important, I also know how smart people (i.e. you) think and behave since I've been around a lot of them. -- I have an M.D. from the University of California San Diego School of Medicine. This is where I learned how to diagnose and treat problems, including those relating to the human mind. -- I have an M.Phil. from Cambridge University and was also a former consultant at McKinsey & Company. That's more training on how to diagnose & fix problems. -- I'm a certified clinical hypnotherapist. This means after figuring out what someone's doing wrong, I have tools to actually change their behavior. Much more important than all of that: I've been on hundreds (hundreds!) of dates. And I've had thousands (thousands!) of men write to me for the past six years, telling me what turns them on (and off) about women. Translation: I know how guys think and what they like. And in clear, practical terms, I can teach how you can be the thing they like -- even love. I'm committed to helping you become the most deliriously happy and fulfilled version of you, and am glad to be of service. Some topics of interest that I cover in The Tao of Dating *The dilemma of the career-oriented woman*How to embrace your inner goddess *Why men are so damn horny *Why you need to kill the prince *The perfect guy vs. the perfect guy for you *The big secret about how men relate to female beauty *Your secret gift as a woman *Why good women get involved (and stay) in bad relationships *How to spot bad boys *How to love your body now *Thirteen places to meet great men*Why long-distance relationships suck *Internet dating: perils and opportunities*Meeting men: should you initiate or not?*Fail-safe ways to make men approach you *The Three-Man plan*Rejection-Proofing yourself *Use your Unfair Advantage*The Magic Question *How to be irresistible *The Passion Formula*3 ways to make a man fall in love with you*What drives men away*Getting the second date*The right time to have sex with a man*How to keep a man worth keeping