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Cover for Deep Living with the Enneagram

Deep Living with the Enneagram

Recovering Your True Nature (Revised and Updated)

Roxanne Howe-Murphy


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#1 International Best Seller Deep Living with the Enneagram is three-books-in-one with a focus on what it means to live deeply. Part One addresses the important, but often unaddressed question of how we prepare for experiencing a different way of knowing and being with oneself. Part Two, the 'Nine Variations on How We "Do" Life' illuminates the personality's 'ego code' structure which unconsciously leads to recurring difficulties and illusions, and often obstructs our gifts and more awakened nature. We explore the Enneagram's nine unique versions of the recovery to our indivisible wholeness. Part Three provides powerful perspectives on the personal change process itself -- what supports it and what sabotages it. Part Three also provides important guidance on disengaging from the inner critic, and practices for creating and sustaining our growth momentum.

It's one of those books that will undoubtedly end up with many dog-eared pages to which you will refer again and again

In Deep Living, you'll find:

  • A radically compassionate and spacious approach to recognizing the roots of inner struggle;
  • How your Enneagram type's personality patterns present specific obstacles to real presence;
  • Your unique pathways for liberating yourself from inner confines -- one size does not fit all;
  • Ways to cultivate a strong core foundation and your innate capacity for wholeness;
  • The connection of your personal well-being to global well-being; and,
  • Full acceptance of both your human nature and the eternal, divine spark within.

This is clearly a must-have book for healing the roots of struggle.

What others have to say:

One of the greatest discoveries of the past two centuries is that the human personality is not fixed, but is flexible, changeable, and malleable. Dr. Roxanne Howe-Murphy is a wise, empathic coach who knows how these changes can be encouraged and facilitated. If you feel stuck in your journey and are ready for growth, change, and greater fulfillment and happiness, let this master coach be your guide.

--Larry Dossey, MD, Author
ONE MIND: How Our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters

It is a rare book that can bring a reader home to Soul. Roxanne Howe-Murphy's sensitive excavation of the Ennegram awakens the reader to their true human potential. It offers heartfelt, timely guidance of someone who lived every step what she wrote, and who leads her readers back to what we all knew was our task from the very beginning -- the embodied, presence and original song of soul. Deep Living is food for the heart, balm for the soul, and light for the spirit.

--Christina Donnell, Ph.D., Author
Transcendent Dreaming: Stepping Into Our Human Potential

Enneagram Press, 9780979384738, 478pp.

Publication Date: February 14, 2020

About the Author

Dr. Roxanne Howe-Murphy integrates her education and the depth of her own personal work during four decades of professional experience in diverse fields—including rehabilitation, higher education, consulting, and coaching—in her most recent book, Deep Living: Transforming Your Relationship to Everything that Matters through the Enneagram.

A pioneer and global expert in integrating the Enneagram with executive and life coaching, Roxanne authored the internationally acclaimed book, Deep Coaching: Using the Enneagram as a Catalyst for Profound Change, which has provided guidance to thousands of coaches around the world. She founded the Deep Coaching Institute, which offers accredited training programs internationally to growth-oriented professionals wanting to embody the practical intricacies and the profound art, science, and spiritual consciousness of the Enneagram into their businesses’ professional practices.

Roxanne’s personal style, her breakthrough methods for sustainable transformation, and her deep honoring of the soul’s journey have inspired laypeople and professionals around the world.

Through the Deep Living Institute, Roxanne and her associates now offer the same expert guidance and a compassionate, presence-based approach for true Self-deepening for the lay public through courses, workshops, retreats, and coaching.

After living near the ocean for most of her adult life, Roxanne and her husband followed their heart’s dream and moved to beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico. Amid the beauty of the high-desert landscape, they enjoy hiking in the mountains and soaking in a vast array of distinctive artistic, multicultural, and educational activities. Roxanne has recently become an enthusiastic student of the cello.