Metalion (Hardcover)

The Slayer Mag Diaries

By Jon Kristiansen, Tara G. Warrior (Editor)

Bazillion Points LLC, 9780979616341, 720pp.

Publication Date: July 19, 2011

List Price: 39.95*
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Founded in 1985 in Sarpsborg, Norway, Slayer Magazine quickly rose to prominence by championing countless unsigned death metal pioneers. The pages of the magazine became a written gospel for the fledgling extreme metal underground, combining eye-ripping graphics, brutally honest writing, and a relentless and sick sense of humor. As black metal rose to prominence in Norway in the 1990s, Slayer Magazine remained the final word on the moods and motivations of those dark times. This book is densely illustrated with early candid photos of classic heavy metal bands including Kreator, Mayhem, Emperor, Darkthrone, Napalm Death, and Morbid Angel. In addition to rare archival material unseen in decades, the book includes unreleased and exclusive interviews and artwork, including historical photographs, and never-before-seen portrait photography by editor Jon "Metalion" Kristiansen.

Praise For Metalion: The Slayer Mag Diaries

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“The best metal book of 2011, possibly ever…Bazillion Points is known for putting out top-quality books, but they’ve outdone themselves here.” —

“Among Kristiansen’s stunning portraits (and humorous “Arne Babb” cartoons), the exhaustive text practically forms the unholy black and death metal bible.” —NPR

“Metalion and his Slayer Mag are responsible for me (and a lot of other Swedes) getting into the death metal underground… I clearly remember how proud I was when Grotesque got a mention in the classic mag—this meant more to me than anything else at the time!” —Tomas Lindberg, Grotesque/At the Gates/Disfear

“For countless metalheads, the zine Slayer was a lifeline to a global scene. Founder Jon Kristiansen was deep into the scene in Norway, and is, to this day, one of the best primary sources for facts and stories about Mayhem, Varg, and what really happened back in the day.” —The Onion AV Club

“Not only a chronicle of death and black metal at their births but also a personal coming-of-age story” —Chicago Reader

“The legendary Slayer zine gets its long overdue anthology” —Decibel

“The extreme metal fanzine…[744] pages of rabid frankness…” —The New York Times

“Presiding over the birth of extreme metal from its Scandinavian heartland, the first issue of the legendary Slayer fanzine was cranked out in 1985 and over the years shifted its coverage to provide an insider view of Swedish death metal and Norwegian black metal through their formative and most controversial years.” —Terrorizer

“If you have even a passing fancy for thrash, death, and especially early black metal, this is a mandatory read.” —Montreal Mirror

“It’s best savored slowly, absorbing two decades of metal history and learning something new in every issue…this collection will be primary material for those exploring the history of metal.” — [5/5 star review]

“Metalion is essential reading for anyone interested in pieces of wood with six strings played by men with long hair.” –Vice Literary

“Best idea since sliced bread.” —Fenriz