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Shapes for Sounds (cowhouse)

Why alphabets look like they do, what has happened to them since printing was invented, why they w

Timothy Donaldson


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This book examines a fundamental discovery of humankind, the idea of shapes for sounds--of alphabets. Without them, newspapers would be just folded paper*, mystery envelopes would drop through your letterbox, you might brush your teeth with hair gel and you wouldn't be reading this. The development of this idea is considered on a sequential and individuals basis, from its sonic beginnings, with the Latin alphabet placed into a broader context of other alphabets. Topics examined are the growth of the second Latin alphabet from the first one (and three optional routes), a view of alphabetic application since the invention of printing, and how to make your own tools and lettershapes.

*And 95% of the Internet wouldn't exist. 

Mark Batty Publisher, 9780979966620, 176pp.

Publication Date: October 10, 2008