Inside of Me: Lessons of Lust, Love and Redemption (Paperback)

Lessons of Lust, Love and Redemption

By Shellie R. Warren

Simon & Brown, 9780981484372, 176pp.

Publication Date: August 1, 2008



Shellie R. Warren knows what it means to be a survivor. Although born and raised as a Christian, Warren experienced sexual abuse, rape and low self-esteem in her childhood, which led her to a vicious cycle of sexual promiscuity in her 20s. Multiple abortions and severe bouts of depression plagued her life until she found freedom, healing and reconciliation in an intimate relationship with G-d unlike any she'd ever experienced. As she turns 30, Warren pens this memoir, giving voice to her pain, discoveries and triumphs. Through narrative and spoken word poetry, she offers personal and biblical insights and hard-hitting assessments that attack this cancerous epidemic deceiving young women and men today.