Fast Favorites Under Pressure: 4-Quart Pressure Cooker Recipes and Tips for Fast and Easy Meals by Blue Jean Chef, Meredith Laurence (Paperback)

4-Quart Pressure Cooker Recipes and Tips for Fast and Easy Meals by Blue Jean Chef, Meredith Laurence

By Meredith Laurence

Walah! LLC, 9780982754023, 208pp.

Publication Date: May 15, 2016



Fast Favorites Under Pressure by Blue Jean Chef Meredith Laurence is written with the smaller household in mind. These days, so many pressure cooker recipes are written for bigger pressure cookers and designed to serve 6 to 8 people. When you're dealing with pressure-cooking, however, cutting a large recipe back to feed just 2 to 4 people is not always straight-forward. Fast Favorites Under Pressure does all the work for you, with every recipe guaranteed to work in a 4-quart pressure cooker. The recipes also double very easily so if you're cooking in an 8-quart cooker, you'll have no trouble making twice as many "fast favorites." Fast Favorites Under Pressure also includes tips and tricks for pressure cooking so you can be even more successful with your pressure cooker. Blue Jean Chef Meredith Laurence has created more than 100 recipes for the 4-Quart Pressure Cooker that are sure to become family favorites, including Chicken Alfredo Rotini, Red Wine Braised Short Ribs, Lime Shrimp with Spicy Tomato Grits, and Mint Chocolate Fudge Cake with Ganache. From soups to pasta, meat to seafood, grains, vegetarian and dessert, all types of appetites will have choices to get a meal on the table in a fraction of the time.

About the Author

Meredith Laurence, the Blue Jean Chef, has worked in numerous capacities and settings in the food world. After graduating from the New England Culinary Institute, she first honed her skills in two Michelin-rated restaurants in Les-Baux-de-Provence, France. She then went on to work as a line cook at Zuni Cafe in San Francisco and at Cafe Rouge in Berkeley, California. Meredith set out on a different culinary path when she returned to teach at the New England Culinary Institute in Vermont, instructing professional culinary students during the day and home cooks in the evenings. Having found her real passion for teaching home cooks, she moved back to San Francisco to teach and manage at two HomeChef(R) cooking schools (now Viking Culinary Arts Centers). At the same time, Meredith worked in the world of food and product consulting at the Center for Culi-nary Development, where she acquired an expertise in creating and testing recipes. For the last thirteen years, she has worked as the Blue Jean Chef(R) on live television doing on air cooking demonstrations, giving QVC customers advice on cooking and equipping their kitchens.Meredith is the author of three cookbooks. The first book, Blue Jean Chef: Comfortable in the Kitchen, has sold over 45,000 copies, received rave reviews, and helped home cooks broaden their repertoire and become more versatile with a variety of cooking techniques in the kitchen. In her second book, Blue Jean Chef: Comfortable Under Pressure, Meredith offered easy-to-read instructions for pressure-cooking and provided a wide variety of recipes for the pressure cooker, along with clear instructions and tips. To date, Blue Jean Chef: Comfortable Under Pressure has sold over 120,000 copies. Meredith's third cookbook, Blue Jean Chef: Delicious Under Pressure was released in August 2015, sold 75,000 copies in its first month and has sold over 130,000 copies to date. In her latest collection, Meredith makes the pressure cooker a must-have appli-ance by creating even more easy, flavorful and unexpected pressure cooker recipes. As the Blue Jean Chef, Meredith's belief is that being comfortable in the kitchen is key to successful and enjoyable cooking. How comfortable? Well, as comfortable as you would be in your blue jeans, relaxing with friends.