Hidden Wheel (Paperback)

By Michael T. Fournier

Three Rooms Press, 9780983581314, 177pp.

Publication Date: October 30, 2011

List Price: 15.00*
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When an art scene takes root in a pop-up colony called Freedom Springs, micro-visionary Ben Wilfork promotes the giant, autobiographical 600 square foot canvases of former chess prodigy and high end dominatrix Rhonda Barrett using his Hidden Wheel as a bridge to the future before pre-Datastrophe history completes itself. It's a book about the scams of the modern age--artistic self-promotion, corporate infiltration of hipsterdom--and it's hilarious. At the same time this is a philosophical literary work that dissects hipsterdom to get at the core of what it's all about. A must-read for art fans, punk fans, anyone who wants to know how the truly original ideas can get subsumed by the corporate machine--and how to save them. Told in an intriguing intersecting point of view style this is a powerful short novel by an emerging talent.