Pryme Knumber (Paperback)

By Matthew Flynn

Dailey Swan Pub, 9780983809036, 242pp.

Publication Date: April 14, 2012



Teenager Bernie Weber is a math genius. Washington, the CIA, and Yale invade Milwaukee to kidnap him. They need to know his secret for factoring prime numbers. Their mission: waterboard him in Alabama if he won't talk. Milwaukee fights back to protect him. This should be easy. Maybe. Hide, Bernie Weber. You're only 15, only a high school student. But you can give the prime factors of large numbers in your head. So you're saying the kid can break every code in the world in his head? Get him Waterboard him if necessary You only have one chance. Washington is after you, and the CIA, and Yale, and Scroll and Key. Only one thing stands in their way: Milwaukee. How can you win? How can you possibly win?