Frank Sinatra in a Blender (Paperback)

By Matthew S. McBride

New Pulp Press, 9780985578602, 218pp.

Publication Date: December 20, 2012



Sometimes solving a crime takes a hard guy who’s not afraid to work outside the law, and PI Nick Valentine swerves through the underbelly of St. Louis looking for answers. With every law he breaks, every drink he takes, and every Oxycontin he snorts, Valentine lurches closer to finding the truth. Or floating facedown in the Missouri River. Brutally funny, wild, this no-holds-barred crime novel reads like Elmore Leonard on meth. Crazy and addictive, you’ll want more.

Praise For Frank Sinatra in a Blender

“Read [Frank Sinatra in a Blender] in a day. Loved it!”

—Charlie Sheen

“If you’re trying to give up coffee and cigarettes but aren’t quite ready to give up the Oxy, Frank Sinatra in a Blender is the book for you.”

—Scott Phillips author of The Ice Harvest

“I enjoyed the fuck out of this book.”

—Josh Bazell, author of Beat The Reaper

“Stark, startling, extreme, haunting . . . the work of Matt McBride is going to be talked about for years to come.” —Tom Piccirilli, author of The Last Kind Words