99 Essential Weight Loss Blogposts: So You Can Start, Stick to It, Keep It Off (Paperback)

So You Can Start, Stick to It, Keep It Off

By Kenneth Schwarz Ph. D.

Symmetry Press LLC, 9780985603069, 262pp.

Publication Date: March 18, 2015



What above all else will make it possible for you to lose weight? It’s “getting yourself to do it”. That’s what. “Getting yourself to do it” is a psychological course of action. These 99 essential weight loss blogposts give you the psychology you need for “getting yourself to do it”— START, STICK TO IT, KEEP IT OFF.
The very first psychological step you have to take to lose weight is to “get yourself to” START. A good start comes from being able to support your well-meaning intentions. When you try to STICK TO IT, you will be replacing old behaviors with new behaviors. Sticking to it always involves a lot of “getting yourself to do it. ”In the KEEP IT OFF phase gone will be the safety net of a weight loss diet and the motivational satisfaction of losing weight. You’ll need all your psychology working for you.