99 Essential Weight Loss Blogposts (Paperback)

So You Can Start, Stick to It, Keep It Off

By Kenneth Schwarz Ph. D.

Symmetry Press LLC, 9780985603069, 262pp.

Publication Date: March 18, 2015



What above all else will make it possible for you to lose weight? It's "getting yourself to do it." That's what. "Getting yourself to do it" is a psychological course of action. These 99 essential weight loss blogposts are all about the psychology you will need for "getting yourself to do it"- START, STICK TO IT, KEEP IT OFF. The very first psychological step you have to take to lose weight is to "get yourself to" START. A good start comes from being able to support your well-meaning intentions. For starting, there are certain essentials for you to keep in mind and be prepared for. Once you are ready to use these essentials, starting will be a lot less troublesome. When you try to STICK TO IT, you will be replacing old behaviors with new behaviors. The psychology in this phase of weight loss is built into a series of actions and steps for you to take. Sticking to it always involves a lot of "getting yourself to do it." In the KEEP IT OFF phase you will no longer be losing weight. Gone will be the safety net of a weight loss diet and the motivational satisfaction of losing weight. More than ever, keeping your lost weight off is the time to have all your psychology working for you.