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This Only This

Mindfulness Strategies for Finding Peace in Every Moment

Michael H. Brooks


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Many of us feel out of synch with our lives. We sleepwalk through experience, believing that one day-when all the conditions are just right and the stars align perfectly-we will achieve a peaceful state of mind. We spend our days wandering through the past, dwelling in fictional futures, or existing in alternating states of distraction and frustration. We're absent from our own lives-yet we wonder why we struggle to be at peace and find it so difficult to break free of the challenging states of mind that plague us. There's a part of us that knows there is another option. And right now, in this very moment, peace is available to us. But, like swimming upstream, trying to find and hold on to peaceful states of mind can be an extremely difficult process. This book is a map that can help us on this journey. In This. Only This., veteran workshop teacher Michael Brooks presents a unique and humorous approach to mindfulness based on two main concepts: Paying Attention and Just Being. The former explores the many states of mind we engage in daily, highlighting their trends, patterns and causes. In simple language, Brooks shows how to unravel these thorny mindsets, and thus diminish their harmful effects. In Just Being, the author discusses the concept of being present and explains why we struggle so hard against being still, both mentally and physically. The book includes a wealth of exercises to anchor the concepts and help the reader connect them to his or her own circumstances. In this practical approach to mindfulness, there are no new belief systems to adopt or special rules to adhere to. Rather, what's required is a letting go of our set beliefs and acceptance of what simply is. In this moment, this experience, peace is within our grasp.

Praise For This Only This: Mindfulness Strategies for Finding Peace in Every Moment

“In his premier book, Michael H. Brooks covers the basics of cultivating mindfulness in a highly relatable, conversational tone with humorous asides. Filled with examples from everyday life and exercises to engage the reader, there’s a nice heft to the book, with plenty of white space. This. Only This, is nourishment for the soul without calories, encouragement from a warm and witty teacher. Brooks anticipates readers’ questions and offers answers; anticipates problems and offers solutions. With a solid definition of mindfulness and the nitty gritty of practice, this book is a welcome guide for beginners and a refresher course for those already on the journey.”

- Diane Holcomb, Book Buyer East West Bookstore Mountain View, CA @eastwestbooks

“Most books on mindfulness are all about how to meditate. There are usually chapters on why do it, and where to do it, and how to do it, and what to expect when you do. The interesting thing about This. Only This is that formal meditation only comes into it briefly, at the end. Michael Brooks’ main focus is real, ordinary life. He looks closely at how our mind continually leads us into false ways of thinking, and describes how we can learn to know the many different states of mind that delude us – stories, expectations and perceptions, to name just a few – and then start to silence their chatter in a way that will ultimately lead to transformational stillness and peace.

But he doesn’t pretend this is either quick or easy. As he points out, “driving across Texas takes time”. And he cautions again and again against expecting too much, too soon. When you are involved in true change, it doesn’t happen overnight. Nor, he cautions, does it happen to the soundtrack of sugary ‘unicorn and rainbow’ relaxation tapes. Relaxation is one thing, mindfulness quite another.

This. Only This is a funny, comprehensive, accessible introduction to the full truth about mindfulness. It doesn’t shy away from the fact that learning to be mindful requires discipline and effort, but this alone is invaluable wisdom in a world where ‘mindfulness’ is rapidly becoming the go-to remedy for any kind of stress or strain, often without any full understanding of what it is all about.”

- Hilary Wilce, education writer, personal development coach and struggling mindfulness practitioner. Her latest book, an e-book, is ‘Backbone: how to build the character your child needs to succeed’

“I am really enjoying the book and really appreciate the pragmatic and straightforward approach to Mindfulness. I feel that the idea of Mindfulness can be esoteric for people that are new to the practice. Michael does a great job of weaving humor into a subject matter that others in the field of contemplation take way too serious. I find his writing very refreshing.

I also like how Michael takes a secular approach to Mindfulness yet still explains the history and foundations of Mindfulness from its Buddhist roots. The incorporation of quotes at the beginning of chapters helps the reader understand where the chapter is going and also sets the tone which is nice . What I find most helpful is the key points at the end of each chapter. This wraps everything up and gives the reader a succinct and focused way of remembering the points that were brought up in the chapter. I also think his progression in how he is presenting material is systematic and very useful. He provides clear examples of how to use mindfulness and how it can help without being abstract or being too emotionally centered. I find a lot of people in the field are way to “new age” and “flowery” which can turn people off who are new to meditation and contemplation. The exercises he provide are excellent and simple which help people efficiently incorporate the practice into their lives.”

- Ben Knaebel, School Psychologist and Mindfulness enthusiast @mindfulschPSY

“When I began seeking out information on mindfulness, I read EVERY book I could get my hands on. The problem was the more books I read the less I understood and the more confused I became! I needed a book that could hold my interest long enough to teach me what mindfulness was. I was getting closer to giving up on the whole thing because everything I was reading made no sense, it was like some secret that I didn’t understand and I felt more lost than ever. Finally I was given a pre-release copy of this book.

I knew from the very first page this book was written for seekers like me! This book is broken down into concepts that anyone can understand. It explains how to be mindful in everyday life, and how to change your personal story in this very moment! The author has used humor, personal examples we can all relate to and has included exercises that can be used in daily life, not just in a temple or ashram! The best part of this book is that as I read it, I could finally understand the steps of mindfulness and could immediately put what I learned into my daily life. I feel empowered to finally understand that I have the opportunity in every second to change my life, it’s ALL in my hands to find the peace I so desire!”

- Cindy Van, Mindfulness enthusiast

“Earlier this week I was fortunate enough to receive an advanced copy of “This. Only this. Mindfulness Strategies for Discovering Peace in Every Moment” by Michael Brooks. When it arrived and as I browsed through the contents, my first reaction was, “Man is this thorough!” Most books on mindfulness tend to introduce you to the practice and provide a few exercises. Others only give you the exercises while making the assumption that you already know what you’re doing. This book doesn’t do that. It takes you from the seed of “What is Mindfulness” to the full blown realization of how to incorporate it into your daily life.”

- Mike Lane, Writer and Mindfulness Advocate.

“The core concepts of striving to bring yourself back to the present moment and paying attention to what is going on in your life, are extremely beneficial, and are taught in a practical, humorous manner, that does not try to hit you over the head with the concepts repeatedly. One of the best things about the book is you can read it in a non-linear manner. You can refer back to a specific chapter or page for whatever you need that day or that moment.”

- David Hillery, Mindfulness enthusiast

Zenwhim, Inc., 9780985731199, 404pp.

Publication Date: March 20, 2014