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Cover for The Power of Oneness

The Power of Oneness

Live the Life You Choose

Sandra Brossman


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This inspiring book is a journey to inner peace.Whether you are seeking to improve your personal relationships, work life, or emotional and physical well-being, The Power of Oneness invites you to realize your amazing potential to bring the qualities of the life you want into your physical reality.

Sandra Brossman clarifies how you can consciously use the power of thought to live a balanced life and experience unconditional love, health, joy, and abundance.She gently guides you to overcome obstacles standing in the way of your dreams.As her message unfolds, you become aware of the profound impact that your personal peace has in contributing to an outer world of harmony.

In these pages you discover how to:
  • Access your inner truth and expand your perceptions.
  • Identify and release self-sabotaging behaviors.
  • Heal emotional wounds.
  • Integrate spiritual values into everyday life.
  • Actively create the world in which you want to live.

Power of Oneness LLC, 9780985879501, 224pp.

Publication Date: September 25, 2012

About the Author

Sandra Brossman is the author of The Power of Oneness: Live the Life You Choose, and a spiritual counselor, holistic healer, life skills mentor, teacher, and business consultant. She has dedicated her life to the transformation of individuals in both their personal and work lives. In 1990, Sandra graduated from Rosemont College s Holistic Health Studies Program and began her personal practice specializing in holistic health and spiritual counseling. For over 20 years, Sandra has been facilitating transformative healing experiences for thousands of individuals. Witnessing their profound healing motivated her to organize a company specializing in the facilitation of workshops. These workshops remind people of how our thoughts create our reality, how we can heal our self-sabotaging patterns, and how we can consciously create a physical world that is based on our values. Sandra appears on radio talk shows, teaches college holistic health classes based on her book, and leads workshops across the country reminding people of their inner power to create a life of inner peace and outer harmony. "