California Noir (Paperback)

By Howard Lakin

Devonbooks, 9780985908300, 280pp.

Publication Date: October 22, 2012


About the Author

Howard Lakin has written and produced American television, including such iconic programs as DALLAS and FALCON CREST, in an industry career spanning three decades. He lives in Marin County, California. ***** Five Stars (out of Five), Clarion Review: "Howard Lakin's California Noir follows a group of restless, edgy, unmarried friends as they enter middle age [...] His experience shows in the skilled writing and cinematic style of the book [...] Lakin crafts an entertaining novel with a cast of intriguing characters and a strong protagonist. The novel is well paced and full of suspense and humor. The ending gives readers the resolution they need without glossing over the complications that give the story its true depth." - ForeWord Clarion Reviews "In Lakin's debut novel, seven successful friends engage in a suspicious wager with a group of "billionaires gone wild" [...] Lakin's characters are cleverly imagined and their snappy dialogue captures the sarcastic cues of the world-weary rich...[...] Throughout the novel, the author's romantic descriptions of San Francisco [...] lend wistful notes to the proceedings." - Kirkus Reviews