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Can Civilization Survive the Co2 Crisis?

David Ray Griffin


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Can we act quickly and wisely enough to prevent climate change better called climate disruption from destroying human civilization? There is no greater issue facing humanity today. This single source provides everything people need to know in order to enter into serious discussions and make good decisions: The latest scientific information about the probable effects of the various types of climate disruption that threaten the very continuation of civilization. The reasons why the media and governments have failed miserably to rein in global warming, even though scientists have been warning them for decades. The additional challenges to saving civilization religious, moral, and economic. The amazing transformation of solar, wind, and other types of clean energy during the past few years, making the transition from a fossil-fuel to a clean energy economy possible; and the falsity of the various claims that fossil-fuel companies and their (hired) minions have made to belittle clean energy. This book combines (1) the most extensive treatment of the causes and phenomena of climate change in combination with (2) an extensive treatment of social obstacles and challenges (fossil-fuel funded denialism, media failure, political failure, and moral, religious, and economic challenges), (3) the most extensive treatment of the needed transition from fossil-fuel energy to clean energy, and (4) the most extensive treatment of mobilization. It provides the most complete treatment of the various kinds of clean energy, and how they could combine to provide 80% clean energy by 2035 and 100% before 2050 (both U.S. and worldwide).

Clarity Press, 9780986076909, 469pp.

Publication Date: February 15, 2015