Steve Kowit (Paperback)

This Unspeakably Marvelous Life

By Duff Brenna, Walter Cummins (Editor), Clare Macqueen (Editor)

Serving House Books, 9780986214660, 300pp.

Publication Date: July 14, 2015

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In Steve Kowit: This Unspeakably Marvelous Life, four editors and numerous poets and essayists pool their understanding of and admiration for a brilliant poet/ essayist/ teacher/ animal rights advocate/ political activist and all-around troublemaker who died April 2, 2015. The contributors to this collection have created an anthology that is also something of a biography, encomium, accolade, homage, love-song for a master who deeply touched their lives and, in many cases, changed their art-always for the better, they say again and again in their acknowledgments. Dear Reader, you hold a luminous book in your hands. It is full of wisdom and humor. A touch of sadness here and there. Some poems and/or essays may make you wistful; others may make you laugh out loud, and certainly many will make you examine your own judgments and beliefs. Turn the page and welcome to the world of Steve Kowit.