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Cover for The Damning Moths

The Damning Moths

Ashlee Scheuerman, Ty Scheuerman (Illustrator)


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Three-thousand years and two-hundred days ago, the last of the elder gods went to die. The lands of Faerie are falling into decline. Magic weakens with each generation. Rumours of a fourth magus war overshadow the ongoing murders in Belfew. Adhering to traditions they no longer understand, the corrupt Council will still recognise the bearer of the crown of white moths as their High Priestess. If they allow her to survive. Lacilegwen knows she made too many enemies. She flees Belfew before Ynnis and the Council can assassinate her for her renegade beliefs. To restore the balance of power and subvert a war, she must bring back one of the elder gods. But some gods should remain dead, and others never really left.

Iron Snail, 9780987348906, 356pp.

Publication Date: November 13, 2013