The Lion's Prophecy (Paperback)

The First Battle of Armageddon

By Michael Edward Gaddis

Gaddis Laboratories, LLC, 9780988579019, 248pp.

Publication Date: March 21, 2013

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Col. Maria Olsen, decorated veteran of the Afghanistan and Iranian campaigns and the general's onetime companion, will be compelled to leave her spiritual retreat and join him on this, his final mission. Together, they will face hardship and mortal danger as General Scofield leads his army to a climactic confrontation with his nation's enemies. Before joining him in death, Maria's last act of devotion will be to seek revenge against his mortal enemy, a mysterious Saudi Prince known to them through the general's Angelic prophecy." The Lion's Prophecy opens with the nuclear destruction of Washington DC and New York City, and the deaths in those blasts of our nation's most prominent political and financial leaders. Only one man alive has the technological ability and the moral courage to rally the country, rout its enemies, and save the United States from destruction: Gen. Michael Scofield, "The Lion." Will he unleash World War III with his menacing display of destructive power? Will he "stand down" at war's end, or dictate terms to the country's new leadership? Will his secret research into genetic design change the very nature of mankind? These are the questions asked in The Lion's Prophecy. With its global action and life-altering technologies, The Lion's Prophecy is the ultimate novel for fans of futuristic techno-thrillers. Prophecy also provides food for thought for readers in search of an alternative spiritual zeitgeist. The saga explores the impact of technology on war, and the impact of both on the material and spiritual existence of mankind. The Lion's Prophecy can be read on different levels-as a fast-moving adventure story, as a cautionary tale about the subduction of our humanity by genetic engineering and other technological marvels, or as a spiritual journey in which the protagonists confront their inner demons and triumph over them.

About the Author

Michael Gaddis spent ten years as a Marine Corps officer. He served with the infantry in the First and Second Battalions, Third Marine Regiment out of Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii, where he participated in multiple West Pacific cruises with the Pacific Fleet. He served as a platoon commander, company executive officer, and company commander with the battalions. After his tour with the grunts, he added a computer-and-data-communications military operational specialty (MOS) to his skills by serving with the Marine Corps Data Processing center in Kansas City and the Defense Communications Agency. Along the way, he picked up his bachelor's and master's degrees in Computer Science. After leaving the Marine Corps in 1988, he joined the Applied Research Laboratory at Washington University in St. Louis, serving as its associate director until 1993. The laboratory specialized in commercializing faculty research and managed to license and commercialize two leading-edge, high-speed communications switches to technology companies during his tenure. After his stint at the university, Michael Gaddis helped create three successive technology companies concentrated on Internet technology and services. He would serve in the capacity as director, executive vice president, chief technical officer, and chief executive officer during his "entrepreneurial" years. He retired in 2001 at the age of forty-five to pursue fun things like writing software and novels such as The Lion's Prophecy. Author's Blog: