Fire Your Shrink and Read This Book Instead (Paperback)

By David M. Klein

Dmk Media Holdings Inc., 9780988882003, 222pp.

Publication Date: February 14, 2013


About the Author

David M. Klein has an interesting and diverse background that has given him the experience and knowledge to help others deal with their problems. Mr. Klein grew up in Queens, New York in a normal middle class neighborhood. Money was always tight, but his parents provided all of the family necessities. His parents ingrained in him a strong work ethic. Starting at an early age, Mr. Klein worked on many different jobs to earn extra money, including flipping burgers, cutting lawns, driving a delivery truck, and working as a busboy. After attending college at Cooper Union in New York, where he earned a degree in electrical engineering, Mr. Klein moved to California where he worked for several years as an electrical engineer on the B-2 Bomber. At the end of the Cold War, Mr. Klein decided that a new career was necessary. He moved back to New York, where he attended New York University School of Law. Over the next 20+ years, Mr. Klein had a career as a technology and intellectual property lawyer. During this time, he was Partner at some of the world's most prestigious law firms. Mr. Klein has four children, who have been embattled over in his divorce, and who he misses greatly. His experiences in going through the divorce process have taught him many lessons, but most importantly have forced him to deal with the heartache of not being able to see his children and the injustice of having his character and reputation, which he spent his entire life building, destroyed in his community. When asked what qualifies him to write a book to help people change their lives, he answers "Life." Having faced bankruptcy and foreclosure, and having endured multiple careers, multiple job losses, a broken marriage, an acrimonious divorce, and other challenges, he is truly "The Life Coach who has Lived." For enjoyment, Mr. Klein loves to spend his time outdoors. On any weekend, you can find him hiking, kayaking, snowshoeing, climbing or otherwise enjoying his home state of New York.