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Abundant Riches (Wild West Exodus)

By Clint Craig Gallant

Zmok Books, 9780988953291, 329pp.

Publication Date: May 6, 2014

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Paperback (10/1/2013)

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Steampunk in the old west

Blood drenches the sands of the Wild West as the promise of a new age dies, screaming its last breathe into an uncaring night. An ancient evil has arisen in the western territories, calling countless people with a siren song of technology and promises of power and glory the likes of which the world has never known. Forces move into the deserts, some answering the call, others desperate to destroy the evil before it can end all life on Earth.

Legions of reanimated dead rise to serve the greatest scientific minds of the age, while the native tribes of the plains, now united in desperate self-defense, conjure the powers of the Great Spirit to twist their very flesh into ferocious combat forms to match the terrible new technologies. The armies of the victorious Union rumble into these territories heedless of the destruction they may cause in pursuit of their own purposes, while the legendary outlaws of the old west, now armed with stolen weapons and equipment of their own, seek to carve their names into the tortured flesh of the age. Amidst all this conflict, the long-suffering Lawmen, outgunned and undermanned, stand alone, fighting to protect the innocent men and women caught in the middle . . . or so it appears.

Within these pages you will find information on wild skirmishes and desperate battles in this alternative Wild West world, now ravaged with futuristic weapons and technology. Choose the methodical Enlightened, the savage Warrior Nation, the brutal Union, the deceitful Outlaws, or the enigmatic Lawmen, and lead them into the Wild West to earn your glory.

As you struggle across the deserts and mountains, through the forests and cities of the wildest frontier in history, a hidden power will whisper in your ear at every move. Will your spirit be strong enough to prevail, or will the insidious forces of the Dark Council eventually bend you to their will? Be prepared, for truly, something wicked is coming!

About the Author

Craig is from Bedford New Hampshire where he does his best to warp space and time to fit far more activity into each day than anyone, including his wife, thinks would be advisable. During the day Craig teaches Theatre and Literature courses to the intrepid students of Milford High School. After hours Craig actively pursues kickboxing and mixed martial arts, and is one of the two hosts of the wildly mediocre and not-too-horrible general gaming podcast The D6 Generation. He is husband to a remarkably supportive wife and father to clearly the smartest, cutest, and most promising three year old on the planet (an entirely objective assessment). Craig plays games whenever he can find the time and the opponents, ranging from his recent favorite, a classic South American dice game called Perudo, to whatever the local tabletop war-game flavor of the month happens to be. And in all the voluminous free-time this schedule allows, Craig writes.