The Deja Vu Experiment (Paperback)

A Journey to the Outer Limits of the Mind

By J. G. Renato

Veritas Shield, 9780989718615, 98pp.

Publication Date: February 27, 2014

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Hardcover (2/27/2014)

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They happen in space. They happen in time. They're little moments of discontinuity in our experience, but they can become portals to the greater experience of our world as illusion, as the veil, as Maya, as the collective dream - and the experience of ourselves as the dreamers. If we choose not to ignore them, but to follow them, like Alice down a cosmic rabbit hole, we might just begin to understand how it was that we got here in the first place. Harvard educated author and inventor J. G. Renato guides us through The D j Vu Experiment - a journey through the eyes of John Galt, the main character in the Ayn Rand classic, Atlas Shrugged, while also serving up a tribute to Renato's late wife, Diana. Offering unique ways to look at light, quantum physics, string theory, the universe existing as a single unified melody, the power of imagination, free will, the language of mathematics, death, and more, Renato successfully challenged me to consider not just "Who am I?" but "What am I?" -- Patricia Reding, Readers' Favorite J. G. Renato attempts to uncover the deeper meaning behind that often disconcerting d j vu we've all experienced at some time or other. He skillfully uses this sense of stepping out of one plane of reality and seeing things from a different perspective to explore the whole nature of being, presence, and existence. Most crucially, he poses the thorny question of how spiritual phenomena can fit within a world obsessed by rationality and tangible productivity. ... The key achievement of this slight volume is managing to be metaphysical while remaining lighthearted and fun. -- Seamus Mullarkey, ForeWord Reviews.

About the Author

J. G. Renat is a Harvard educated author and an inventor who lives in northern Virginia.