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Goering's Gold

Stan Morse


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In 1934 Hermann Goering was flying high as the Nazis came to power. Knowing Hitler's radical plans were a gamble, he smuggled a nest egg of three tons of gold to America, embedded in hydroelectric pipe destined for a project in the Pacific Northwest. When the Third Reich fell in 1945, the Russians seized Goering's papers and put them in storage, where they remained until a former KGB officer rediscovered them during a routine audit in 2001. In that same year, America's finest assassin, Jerry Dearborn, was lost when a Cuban MiG jet shot down his jet over the Caribbean. A dead Jerry became a convenient scapegoat for U.S. embarrassment over a botched assassination on the Yucatan Peninsula. What the government's covert assassination squad-the Foreign Intervention Coordination Office (FICO)-didn't know was that Jerry was not on that jet. Now in hiding, and encamped near the same hydro project where Goering's pipes were installed, Jerry is involuntarily drawn into a struggle between forces seeking the lost gold. If FICO learns he still lives, Jerry's days will be numbered. Stan Morse is a lawyer, author, keynote speaker and motivational presenter for kids, living in Washington State. The inspiration for Goering's Gold came from his discovery in 1976 of swastikas cast into pipes at a local hydroelectric plant. The novel's cover was created from an actual photograph of one such pipe. This story, unlike the photo, is pure fiction. Maybe . . .

Stan Morse, 9780989851336, 322pp.

Publication Date: August 12, 2014

About the Author

Stan Morse was born in 1954 and grew up in central Washington State. At the age of 17 he was injured snow skiing, finishing his senior year as a paraplegic. He earned a Bachelor's degree from Central Washington University in 1976, a law degree from Southern Illinois University in 1979, and has practiced law since being admitted to the Washington bar in 1979. In 2005 he authored Circling the Earth in a Wheelchair, an account of his five-month solo journey around the world. In 2013 he authored Brothers of Summer, a novel set in the summer of 1969. He can be contacted through his website: