The Book of Singloids (Paperback)

By Stefano Tartarotti, Wendell Ricketts (Translator), Roberto Corda

Fourcats Press, 9780989980036, 100pp.

Publication Date: November 12, 2015



A comic strip about nerdiness, friendship, sex, love ... and other maladies of the human condition.

Praise For The Book of Singloids

As the title suggests, the heroes of Singloids are a group of unattached thirty-somethings who struggle with the universal themes of sexlovefriendship.... You may feel you’ve heard plenty on those topics ... but that’s where Singloids stands apart. The writing is exceptional, ironic, and sharp as a knife; the production values are excellent; the designs are expert; and the use of color is especially attractive. (fumettOnline)

Singloids is seasoned by embarrassing encounters with the opposite sex, belated post-adolescent reflections, compromising conversations with co-workers, and a defiant call for Nerd Pride.... ((IlMioLibro)

The artwork is simple but enormously effective, and the character design is lean, streamlined, and utterly expressive. (Prevalente Anime e Manga)

Singloids jumps casually and playfully between social satire and intimate close-ups of (mostly disastrous) interpersonal relationships.... The humor that comes only from the intelligent observation of reality is ever-present.... Singloids is so well designed and constructed that it could easily find a place among synidcated American comic strips. (BALLOONS, The Comic Strip Blog)

“The surreal adventures of Bob, Sid, and Ted are at least partially based upon the lives of the strip’s authors: One is a Java programmer, one is an IT systems engineer, and one is ... well, “he’s the guy who knows how to draw.” In case anyone ever asks, you can rest assured that no chocolate-chip cookies were harmed in the making of Singloids. (iPadWorld)