Bombyonder (Paperback)

By Reb Livingston

Bitter Cherry Books, 9780990758204, 346pp.

Publication Date: November 15, 2014

List Price: 15.00*
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Fiction. Poetry. "'Some kind of war happened at some time or another and continued for quite some time to come.' So begins BOMBYONDER, Reb Livingston's blistering, kaleidoscopic, post-bomb- blast shrapnel-storm of a book. Bombs, masks, machinery, birds buried at the bottoms of women, emerge and recede in the blistering landscape. But BOMBYONDER is not merely a scathing, slicingly funny assemblage. Livingston devises a pulsing, haywire logic that somehow rivets the parts to each other and the reader to the page. Through the marvel of her language, the book becomes a shimmering whole; a miracle met like the first mirror. BOMBYONDER transcends any sense of 'experimentation, ' and occupies, essentially, its own genre. Livingston has delivered a fabulous, mind bending book. Honestly, I do not know how she survived the writing of it." Lindsay Hill

"Bomb-pills, birthed birds, and the scorched Jacob's Ladder of a story- stoked neural brinkdom BOMBYONDER is a gestalt of grim and Grimm. The mind as bombsight. The mind as timebomb. The prose products that singe this portrait of the psyche burning are tooled like circuitry on a dysfunctional motherboard. Except funnier. Livingston's unnamed protagonist call her Psyche, Cogito, Dingbat, or even Carry is endearing in her absurd quest for self-improvement. This is your brain on BOMBYONDER. We should all eat bombs and hack into our own Hera journeys." Kim Gek Lin Short

"I hope the world after the apocalypse looks a lot like BOMBYONDER: deliciously fragmented, breathtakingly poetic, and hellishly funny. And did I mention the dragon? Reb Livingston's new novel is completely unique and utterly satisfying. I absolutely loved this book." Tommy Zurhellen

"BOMBYONDER is a book of beautiful ancestors, not least of which is Gertrude Stein. Like Stein, Reb Livingston is concerned with large and small disruptions: small disruptions of the sentence, large disruptions of the world. The language is volatile, gleaming, and round. It goes off when you least expect it." Patricia Lockwood.