Drinking in the Culture (Paperback)

Tuppers' Guide to Exploring Great Beers in Europe

By Bob Tupper, Ellie Tupper

Culturale Press, 9780990961000, 338pp.

Publication Date: October 1, 2015

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Title: Drinking In the Culture: Tuppers' Guide to Exploring Great Beers in Europe

Binding: Paperback

Pub date: October 1, 2015

Like Beer? Love to travel?

Discover 24 of Europe's best cities and towns for exploring and savoring the local beer and brewing culture

Book description:

Drinking In the Culture is the first ever guide to finding, not just good beer, but good beer places, in two dozen of the best cities in the world to drink local beer. From the universities of Sheffield, England, to the historic palaces of Prague, from the well-known beer mecca of Brussels to the little Bavarian gem of Passau, here are gardens, cellars, plazas and ancient halls, all featuring unique and superb local brews amid the rich history and culture of Europe.

This is a book not just about beer or about travel, but about the rich connections between beers and the societies that brew them. For each of the 24 cities, this versatile guide offers:

 A quick orientation to the city as you arrive

 The history and culture of the city and how they have affected the local brewing culture

 A "sixpack" or more of the best places--brewpubs, gardens, festivals, and breweries--to discover the beers of that city and region

 Suggestions for hotels and out-of-the-ordinary sights

 Side trips and excursions for more good beer

 Plus local advice, travel strategies, and tips on getting there, getting around, and staying safe

In Drinking In the Culture, the Tuppers share what they have learned about European beer travel. For everyone from boots-on-the-ground beer geeks to armchair travelers, this book offers an anecdotal and affectionate view of the hundreds of rich and distinctive beer-drinking experiences Europe has to offer.

Featured Cities (with recommended excursions):

Amberg (Sulzbach-Rosenberg); Amsterdam (Haarlem); Antwerp (Ghent); Bamberg (Forchheim, Memmelsdorf); Berlin (Lutherstadt Wittenberg); Birmingham (Burton-upon-Trent); Brussels (Bruges); Cologne (Dusseldorf, Wuppertal, A Ride on the Rhine); Copenhagen (Malmo); Glasgow (Arran); Karlsruhe (Pforzheim); Leipzig (Chemnitz); London (Greenwich); Manchester (Stockport, Bury); Milan (Como); Munich (Memmingen, Landshut); Passau (Monastery Aldersbach, Vilshofen, Hutthurm); Prague (Pilsen); Regensburg (Straubing, Landau); Salzburg (Hallein); Sheffield (Derby); Stockholm (Goteborg); Vienna (Bratislava); Zurich (Appenzell).