Experience Curating (Paperback)

How to Gain Focus, Increase Influence, and Simplify Your Life

By Joel Zaslofsky

Personal Renaissance LLC, 9780991297313, 168pp.

Publication Date: February 8, 2015

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"Implementing Experience Curating is a true working extension of the human brain." - Roderick Russell, NPR-featured speaker and iTunes Top 50 Podcaster
"Experience Curating is for people like me who want to remember, reference, and share memories, but don't want to spend hours journaling every night." - Betsy Talbot, author of Married with Luggage and Getting Rid of It

Imagine what would happen if you spent 0.1% of your time adding value to the other 99.9%. Picture an environment where your experiences don't just happen to you, but are used to make big things happen for you.

Could you harness an otherwise overwhelming world of endless information, gratifying moments, and dizzying possibilities? How much social currency could you create if you knew how to capture, organize, and share anything to improve everything?

The open secret is that curating your entire existence - or Experience Curating as rising author Joel Zaslofsky calls it - is just as powerful today as it was 2,000 years ago. Experience Curating isn't just about Zaslofsky's unique FAOCAS framework and how to reap its rewards with your favorite tools. It's a three-part blueprint to achieve your own brand of success, complete with real-world case studies from Evernote, The Huffington Post, and even the Brothers Grimm.

Through Experience Curating, you'll learn how to embrace your curating gifts to:

1) Simplify your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual landscape.
2) Enjoy faster, tastier, and healthier food.
3) Become an expert and go-to community resource in any topic.
4) Gain more freedom by breaking out of the Internet's "filter bubbles."

What you use your curated experiences for - making money or personal finance mastery, improving your relationships, truly useful to-do lists, or world domination (for instance) - is up to you.

You can join countless others to push the boundaries of your potential. You can constantly prove that your existence is meaningful. And you can unearth the timeless and specific steps to convert your curating currency into social, intellectual, or physical capital.

All it takes is some simple and intentional Experience Curating.

About the Author

Joel Zaslofsky is the Chief Simplifier and Curator at Value of Simple. In March 2012, two years after a personal renaissance shook him awake, he quit his cushy corporate job to help people simplify, organize, and be money wise. His methods and style are unconventional, but his goals are straightforward: to help you rock the unsexy and undervalued side of life. He hosts the popular Smart and Simple Matters show, gives out groovy free resources in his Refuge of Simplicity, and offers a diversity of products and services. When he's not enjoying nature, making his wife smile, or playing with his two young sons, Joel's busy minimizing, being Paleo, doing public speaking gigs, connecting, living simply, reigniting his personal renaissance, and Experience Curating.