Dream the Dawn (Paperback)

By Jon Michael Riley

Dry Stack Media, 9780991393404, 260pp.

Publication Date: May 23, 2014



Devastated by the death of both his father and a lover, New York photographer, Channey Moran, accepts an easy assignment in Ireland. He soon becomes accidentally enmeshed in a bizarre ship hijacking by eco-mercenaries led by an eccentric ex-CIA operative who fascinates the world's news media while horrifying Big Energy. Local photographer, Glennie MacDonald, searches the high seas for Channey and finds him moments from drowning. Seeing in him a kindred soul - one she now loves - Glennie nurses him back to life as Ireland erupts in chaos trying to find the allusive leader and his men.

Praise For Dream the Dawn

"Jon Michael Riley dreams the dawn with the eye of a photographer, the passion of an environmentalist, and teh soul of a lover. His delicious descriptions of Ireland are the setting for an intricate Robin Hood caper and a heartfelt love story."

Vicki Lane- Author of The Elizabeth Goodweather appalachian Mysteries.

"Jon Michael Riley's Irish love story, mixed with riveting suspense, makes for a compelling read, leaving your spellbound." Bryan Robinson, author of LIMESTONE GUMPTION