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Cover for Outsourcing 3.0

Outsourcing 3.0

Outperform - Outsource - Outprofit

Mamta Sood, Vivek Sood


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Visit to read the first 3 chapters for free. WHAT DO GREAT CORPORATE LEADERS HAVE IN COMMON? "Their ability to pick and extract the power from uncommon teams - teams of internal experts and external service providers who can aggregate, work well together under pressure, and create the magic called success. That is where it becomes critical to outsource well." WHEN TO OUTSOURCE AND HOW TO DO IT WELL -Find out the value drivers behind outsourcing -Learn to navigate the grey area between "Must outsource" and "Must not outsource" -Grasp the dynamics of outsourcing -Understand why traditional outsourcing is failing expectations OUTSOURCING AS A PILLAR IN A 5-STAR BUSINESS NETWORK This book provides you an intimate encounter with the next generation of outsourcing, which forms one of the five pillars in a 5-Star Business Network. For more information about other pillars - Innovation, Cash-to-Cash Cycle Management, Transaction Optimisation Profitability, and Product Phasing - as well as how they all tie together, visit

Jardine Thompson Pty Ltd, 9780992490300, 222pp.

Publication Date: March 25, 2014