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Melinda Friesen


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"One world. One currency. One bright future."

In the wake of global economic collapse, the OneEarth Bank promised world prosperity in exchange for compliance with the commerce chip insertions. Those who refuse the chip are vilified and labelled resistors-including Rielle James's family. On the day officers arrest her parents and seize her younger brother and sister, Rielle is assigned to a Community Service contract. Officially, contracts are portrayed as a way to rehabilitate kids from Resistor families, but in reality, they're legalized slavery. Rielle's contract is sold to the highest bidder-a wealthy and abusive banker. She quickly discovers that nothing in her owner's home is as it appears. His seemingly perfect life is a facade that hides volatile secrets. Escape means freedom and the possibility of finding her family-if she can pull it off. Prison or even death await if she fails.

Recognition for ENSLAVEMENT:

Shortlisted: 2017 Willow Awards (Saskatchewan Young Readers Choice Awards)

Rebelight Publishing Inc., 9780993939006, 228pp.

Publication Date: October 31, 2014