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Cover for Stories! 2015 to 2019 - An Original Comics Story Collection

Stories! 2015 to 2019 - An Original Comics Story Collection

Featuring the stories "The Street," "Bubbles," "Bushido Bob," and "When I Find You Again. (1st)

Von Allan, Von Allan (Illustrator), Sam Boswell (Editor)


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This collection contains four short stories by Canadian writer/artist Von Allan (winner of a 2019 CBC Trailblazer award, featured in a CBC Arts Exhibitionists short, and winner of the 2014 Corel Endowment for the Arts Award) that, together, represent a snapshot of the best parts of life; magic, whimsy, adventure, and love. Each story stands alone but shares the theme of imagination.

In urban fantasy-influenced short story, "The Street," we meet Emily, a fiddler struggling to find an audience. She's a bit disheartened as she gets ready for another night of playing...and then she suddenly learns that she does, in fact, have a fan...but he's from the faerie realm. She is briefly entranced by this faerie creature but saved at the very last minute before the creature can steal her and her magical fiddle forever.

In "Bubbles," a gentle reminder that appearances aren't always what they seem, we follow a young punk woman as she stomps up a city sidewalk and comes face to face with two small children and their bubble wands. Despite her tough appearance, the punk woman ends up happily blowing bubbles with the children in a charming twist.

"Bushido Bob" is a science-fiction adventure set in a faraway future world but it also deals with familiar themes. In this story, our hero is fleeing robot guards with a stolen container of medical supplies. In this world, medicine is restricted and expensive; Bushido Bob is evening the odds and delivering justice through theft.

"When I Find You Again" is an interracial LGBTQ+ romance following the lives of two women against a backdrop of astronomy, science, and the stars...with a very unexpected twist at the end.

STORIES 2015 TO 2019 is a collection of short stories featuring themes of love, tolerance, and justice and told through adventure and romance. Written and illustrated by Canadian cartoonist Von Allan (writer/artist of WOLF'S HEAD, the road to god knows..., STARGAZER Volumes 1 and 2, WIZARDS FOR HIRE - CHEAP , and METAL GODS), STORIES 2015 TO 2019 is suitable for readers of all ages. It is presented in full color and is 36 pages in length. For more information, please visit https: //

Von Allan Studio, 9780995277205, 36pp.

Publication Date: December 31, 2019