The Chiron Confession (Paperback)

By Thomas Greanias

Atlantis Ink, 9780996004046, 386pp.

Publication Date: May 16, 2017

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From the New York Times bestselling author of Raising Atlantis, Thomas Greanias, comes an epic adventure of ancient Rome that illuminates the gathering darkness of the 21st century.
The assassination of Caesar's chief astrologer explodes into revelations of a secret order known as -Rule of God.- The order has penetrated the highest echelons of the empire. Its mission: to fulfill a decades-old prophecy predicting the exact day and hour that Caesar will die. Desperate to prove the oracles wrong, an increasingly erratic Caesar kills all suspected enemies, even those who dare whisper about his hairpiece. No one from slave to senator can escape his reign of terror.
Enter the celebrated playwright Athanasius. Wrongly accused by jealous rivals of being Chiron, the elusive mastermind behind Rule of God, he is condemned to certain death in the reality show of the arena. It is only with the help of mysterious benefactors that he miraculously escapes, alone with a secret that could destroy the empire. Hunted by assassins across the Mediterranean, his last hope of refuge is inside the ranks of the very terrorist order he was accused of masterminding. But the only way up--or out--is to kill or be killed.
A meticulously researched and masterfully crafted conspiracy thriller inspired by real people and events, The Chiron Confession is the unforgettable story of one man against the world.

About the Author

Thomas Greanias is a former journalist and the New York Times bestselling author of Raising Atlantis and other international thrillers, including The Atlantis Prophecy, The Atlantis Revelation, The War Cloud, The Promised War, The 34th Degree, The Alignment Ingress, The Virgin City and The Chiron Confession. His books in print have been translated into more than a dozen languages and sold in 200 countries and territories worldwide. He is also the founder of Atlantis Media Corp., a leading publisher of No. 1 bestselling eBooks and Audiobooks, and provider of on demand internet streaming and augmented reality entertainment. His Raising Atlantis characters star in Niantic's mobile ARG Ingress with more than 50 million downloads.