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Cover for The Once and Future Queen

The Once and Future Queen

Guinevere in Arthurian Legend

Nicole Evelina


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  • Author's Circle Non-Fiction Book of the Year
  • Sarton Women's Book Prize Winner

Guinevere's journey from literary sinner to feminist icon took over one thousand years...and it's not over yet.

Literature tells us painfully little about Guinevere, mostly focusing on her sin and betrayal of Arthur and Camelot. As a result, she is often seen as a one-dimensional character. But there is more to her story. By examining popular works of more than 20 authors over the last one thousand years, The Once and Future Queen shows how Guinevere reflects attitudes toward women during the time in which her story was written, changing to suit the expectations of her audience. Beginning in Celtic times and continuing through the present day, this book synthesizes academic criticism and popular opinion into a highly readable, approachable work that fills a gap in Arthurian material available to the general public.

Nicole Evelina has spent more than 15 years studying Arthurian legend. She is also a feminist known for her fictional portrayals of strong historical and legendary women, including Guinevere. Now, she combines these two passions to examine the effect of changing times and attitudes on the character of Guinevere in a must-read book for Arthurian enthusiasts of every knowledge level.

Lawson Gartner Publishing, 9780996763226, 278pp.

Publication Date: November 21, 2017