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Midlife Crisis Postponed

Geo Davis


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Are you 100% content with middle age?

Geo Davis's visual and verbal mash-ups explore midlife's merciless mockeries, paradoxes, baits and booby traps, veering erratically between hubris and humility, trepidation and temptation. Unflinching. Self-deprecating. Slightly unnerving.

This is middle age lived inside out.

Equal parts anesthetic, narcotic, stimulant, and placebo, 40x41: Midlife Crisis Postponed just might offer an alternative to the train wreck waiting around the next bend. Then again, it just might hasten the train wreck

Warning: If you're living a kickass midlife - meeting or exceeding your goals and thriving emotionally, physically, sexually, financially, professionally, and creatively - this book is not for you. Kudos And if your middle aged skin is thin or you're searching for a step-by-step guide to midlife self-improvement, this book is definitely not for you either. Sorry. And good luck.

Essex Editions, 9780996787024, 124pp.

Publication Date: April 27, 2016