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Cover for Dream Take Flight

Dream Take Flight

An Unconventional Journey

Lisa Turner


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A Shy Girl Breaks the Rules

Refusing to follow the traditional career path for girls, Lisa Turner sets out to fulfill a promise she makes to her dying mother, disrupting the status quo every step of the way. When Lisa decides to build an airplane in the garage, her family thinks she has gone too far . . .

Everyone has a story. Everyone has a book in them. Stories are what make us wonderfully human. In the telling, we remind others that they are not alone, and we remind ourselves that we can experience great leaps of insight reaching for a goal.

Lisa started writing Dream Take Flight in 1998. It began as a book about the joy of building and flying a homebuilt aircraft and piloting it on an epic solo flight. But she soon realized that it wasn't complete without the backstory of an unconventional childhood and a promise to her mother.

Growing up in a neighborhood of boys, Lisa never understood why she couldn't take shop class, be a mechanic, or build an airplane. In the 1960s these were not expected activities for a girl. It took guts and persistence for a shy girl to break out of the norms and participate in non-traditional pursuits.

The entire journey was life changing. Lisa wrote Dream Take Flight hoping that others would be inspired to pursue their own big goal. To that end, the last several chapters take the reader through a step-by-step process to achieve their dream, with hints, tips, and tricks to get there.

Why you'll love this book:

  • It's a fun, inspirational story about the pursuit of confidence and happiness
  • The book breaks with convention by including a how-to section on goal setting
  • Lisa offers a companion guide and other free materials on her web site, Dream Take Flight

What readers are saying about Dream Take Flight

"A tale of courage, iron will and pure grit, Lisa Turner's journey from dream to reality does not disappoint."

"This book will leave you feeling uplifted and renewed."

"The book is difficult to put down

"A thrilling, feel-good read..."

If you enjoy reading entertaining and inspiring real life adventure stories, you'll love Dream Take Flight.

Turner Creek, 9780997072341, 384pp.

Publication Date: June 10, 2019