Beyond Antares (Paperback)

Dimensional Gates

By Brandon Rospond (Editor)

Zmok, 9780997094664, 254pp.

Publication Date: November 7, 2017



Ten fast-action space adventures by some of the best writers in genre fiction and up-and-coming writers based on the new miniatures game by Rick Priestley. This is the first in a series of books based on the worlds Beyond the Gates of Antares. Humanity has spread to the most distant reaches of space. Our once homogeneous species has diversified and evolved, in some cases beyond recognition, adapting to a multitude of environments upon worlds without number. No one can even begin to guess the full extent of the panhuman diaspora. Today the universe teems with humanity in all its myriad forms. Space-faring civilizations have fallen and risen anew many times over the tens of thousands of years since humans took the first step from their native planet. The long ages of the Antarean universe are reckoned in terms of six phases of high civilization followed by catastrophic collapse and periods of darkness and isolation during which interstellar communication ceased completely. The current phase is the Seventh Age: the age of the PanHuman Concord.

About the Author

Brandon Rospond is a resident of Point Pleasant, New Jersey and a graduate of Monmouth University. He is a freelance writer in the gaming industry and has represented several companies at conventions. In addition to acting as the fiction editor for Zmok Books he is the author of The Dragoon Clan: Rebirth of Courage and several short stories in collections also available from Winged Hussar Publishing.