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Cover for Time Counts Backward from Infinity

Time Counts Backward from Infinity

K. M. Lighthouse


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"Want to just start at the beginning?"

Born out of wondering what happens when you pare a novel down to only epiphanies, Time Counts Backward
from Infinity tumbles through a series of broken vignettes, multi-faceted in both genre and scope as
the narrative time travels through dialogue, transcriptions, poems, lifted text, mystic experiences, and autobiography
to explore addiction and mental illness.

As the speaker traverses these breaks with reality, she relives trauma with her father and hallucinates a lover into
being, reexperiencing her role in events such that reality itself takes new shape. In this raw unraveling of personal
, K. M. Lighthouse asks us to believe the magic inherent in rewriting our stories each time we revisit the past.

Kassandra Lighthouse, 9780997298772, 262pp.

Publication Date: February 28, 2019