All Are Welcome (Paperback)

Toward a Multi-Everything Church

By Jemar Tisby, Eric Washington, Irwyn Ince

Storied Publishing, 9780997398465, 304pp.

Publication Date: June 1, 2018

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As conversations abound on social media platforms and in the news media, more people are beginning to wonder why ethnic and cultural diversity is increasing in our cities, yet it is not reflected in our churches. Has it ever been reflected? What caused such separation? Are there cultural and relational barriers that prove too difficult to climb for those different than ourselves?An honest assessment of ourselves could demonstrate that the reason most of our churches remain homogenous in diverse cities is because all are not welcome. Differences tend to separate. Therefore it is easiest to gather with those who are similar, but is that the call of the Great Commission, and is that the outworking of the gospel we observe in the books of Acts? All Are Welcome is an attempt to have (and continue) the conversation that looms in our communities. Each contributor in this edited volume is an ethnic minority. These are the voices that are often overlooked, yet they provide ideas and answers for how to create a much more welcoming environment for all people in our local congregations. If you've ever wondered about the discussions that occur between ethnic minorities as we pontificate how to create a more welcoming environment in our churches, All Are Welcome is a discussion you don't want to miss.