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The Diary Of A Novice Investor

The Bullet Train To Wealth Left When?

Mark Slauter


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With some humor and a jingle, Mark Slauter's debut book The Diary of a Novice Investor gives readers insight into what it feels like to invest. From Apple to Wells Fargo, Mark's exploration into the investing world is told in plain language wrapped in a bit of snark.

Mark's goal is to express his first-person experience learning about investing, and offer the reader insight into the angst, frustration, elation, and thought-processes he experienced as a novice investor--and continues working through today. The bottom line is, saying "I don't have the money" or "investing is too expensive" are not really viable reasons for not investing. Why don't people invest? Fear? Lack of knowledge?

Investing in the markets can be hard, confusing, and emotional but not because it can't be done. Rather, when you're a novice, you lack market familiarity, understanding, and experience. In fact, I liken the experience to the first time you ride a bike, have sex, or drive a car. Each time you try something new you're taking a risk. Because there are so many variables, fully knowing what you're doing the first time you do anything is nearly impossible. Yet, with more exposure to the new experience, the more understanding you gain. While you may have stopped your bike by skidding your feet on the pavement at first, you eventually learned how to use the brakes. Your experience showed you another, better way. The same thinking applies to investing.

Lee and Lea Publishing, LLC, 9780997429701, 302pp.

Publication Date: July 1, 2017