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Cover for The Cooperative Society, Second Edition

The Cooperative Society, Second Edition

The Next Stage of Human History

E. G. Nadeau, Luc Nadeau


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In this second edition of The Cooperative Society: The Next Stage of Human History, we present the hypothesis that humans may be on the threshold of a new historical stage, one characterized by cooperation, democracy, the equitable distribution of resources, and a sustainable relationship with nature.

We analyze and report on seven measures representing economic, political, social, and an environmental transition to the cooperative society: (1) concentration of economic power, (2) wealth and income equality, (3) deaths from domestic and international conflicts, (4) more or fewer people living in democratic countries, (5) population change, (6) improving or deteriorating quality of life, and (7) improving or deteriorating environmental conditions.

The Cooperative Societyis also a call to action. Our purpose for writing this book is to motivate and assist readers in restructuring our economic, political, and social behavior and institutions in ways that are better for humanity and for our planet. We outline key areas of work and envision opportunities for changes that can be made by 2030, which is the target date for both the Paris Accord on Climate Change and the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals.

Emile G Nadeau, 9780998066233, 148pp.

Publication Date: October 1, 2018