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Watching Ourselves

Mark Belair


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Watching Ourselves is a collection of poems gathered in groups: how we watch ourselves grow up, observe others, love, look back; how we watch ourselves come to grief, age, receive, and reflect.We watch ourselves, of course, with difficulty and incompleteness, tasking the poems to strive for a measure of clarity-however partial-as they, like us, struggle to know themselves.The collection title is not Watching Myself, for the poems are concerned with not only the poet but with a range-a complex-of people and circumstances. The title could as easily have been Watching Each Other.While the poems are all written in free verse, their poetic approaches vary: couplets, tercets, quatrains, poems with slashes for punctuation, poems with slanted line lengths, short lyric poems, long narrative poems: whatever the poem itself seemed to call for, as each poem was begun because something happened that the poet didn't understand but needed to. Watching Ourselves is a collection of poems addressing, and written out of, bewilderment.

Unsolicited Press, 9780998087276, 94pp.

Publication Date: February 25, 2017

About the Author

Mark Belair's poems have appeared in countless literary journals including the Harvard Review, Alabama Literary Review, and the Michigan Quarterly Review. He has four poetry collections on the shelves: "While We're Waiting," "Breathing Room," "Night Watch," and "Walk with Me." He has been nominated for a Push Cart. He resides in New York City.