Younger & Wiser (Paperback)

A Collection of Backstory Poetry and Inspirational Prose

By Gene S. Jones

Dreamquest Publishing, 9780998324005, 156pp.

Publication Date: February 21, 2017

List Price: 15.95*
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Younger and Wiser is a remarkable literary masterwork that goes beyond poetry to span multiple genres by combining provocative storytelling, philosophy, and spirituality with insightful self-help wisdom interspersed with the dynamic backstory feature of modern cinema. book with universal appeal, this unique collection beckons you with a smile, offering to enrich and empower your life.

Author Gene Jones has created an intriguing new literary genre-Backstory Poetry, and has established himself as the father of this fascinating new form of literary expression guaranteed to pull you in and ignite your passions.

Poems in Younger & Wiser stand powerfully on their own, and then are enriched by personalized backstories that delve into the complexities, joys, and challenges of life by blending the immediacy and power of verse with the conversational tone of contemplative prose. This groundbreaking format portrays the author's fascinating personal odyssey through a series of inspirational tales imbedded with gems of wisdom and inspiring advice on how to live a more fulfilling life.

Backstories in all media allow artists and audiences to share deeper, more intimate experiences by revealing inner workings of the creative process. Most poetry books only reveal fragments of this process, often leaving readers with puzzling unanswered questions such as: --What events inspired each poem? -What emotions ran through the poet's mind as pen turned thought into art? -What was the poet's intended meaning?

Younger & Wiser answers all these questions in a manner intended to revolutionize the poetry genre and give it mainstream appeal. In masterfully demonstrating the art of storytelling, Gene Jones creates an intimate conversation with every reader's mind. This profound conversation makes Younger & Wiser a must-read literary experience for readers of all ages and demographics and establishes Gene Jones as the father of backstory poetry.