Unwrap My Heart (Paperback)

Or It's Time for Mummies

By Alex Falcone, Ezra Fox

Completely Legitimate Publishing, 9780998361109, 176pp.

Publication Date: November 18, 2016

List Price: 15.00*
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About the Author

ALEX FALCONE is comedian and writer living in Portland, OR. He's a regular on the IFC show Portlandia and has appeared at numerous comedy festivals including Bridgetown, Bumbershoot, Sketchfest, and the Brooklyn Comedy Festival. He's written for The Portland Mercury, The Willamette Week, and the public radio show Live Wire, and his work has been quoted in Rolling Stone, VOX, Boing Boing, and been featured on the front page of Reddit. Despite these modest accomplishments, he somehow remains totally down to earth and approachable. EZRA FOX was too busy to send me a bio when I asked, so I've elected to invent one for him. Ezra is a writer, father, river guide, estranged congressman, and sub-par starfighter from the Andromeda galaxy. His skills include Japanese paper folding, knife combat, precision diving, stage illusions, pan flute, sub-par starfighting, and diplomacy. A terrible car accident in 2007 left him without a conscience or follow-through, so he spends his days tracking down people he perceives to have wronged him and then failing to enact revenge. This is not his first novel. READ IT AND WEEP is a podcast about books, movies, and TV that Alex and Ezra host along with Chris and Tanya Smith. This idea was conceived on that show. If, for some reason, you haven't listened yet, you should do that. read-weep.com