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Cover for Dog Walker II

Dog Walker II

Shadow Pack

Jack McGuigan


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Ben Carter, pet care specialist, is hired to walk a Shiba Inu named Toby. Unbeknownst to Ben, Toby is no ordinary dog but an "inugami" - an immortal demon born in feudal Japan and bred for only one purpose: murder. Bonded by the power of the kakawari, their wounds are shared and their fates intertwined. The doorway to Hell has been opened. A great darkness has been unleashed upon on the Windy City, but even the dark knows to fear...the Dog Walker.


Since we last saw him, Ben has been pulling double duty - dog walker by day, demon slayer by night. Toby assists in the latter, growing more violent with each kill. Dogs can be domesticated, but an inugami's murderous instincts are not easily suppressed.

Ten-year-old wrestling prodigy Ash Ocampo is possessed by a sentient spider, which plans to overthrow humanity and bring about a new Age of Yōkai. Wanting to help Ash but worried he is losing Toby, Ben seeks the assistance of Lucas Alcindor - a freelance demon trainer with three inugami of his own. Can Ben regain control of Toby before disaster strikes? Can Ash free herself before the demon inside reigns supreme? Or are both merely prey for the monstrous wolves of the Shadow Pack?

Gorilla House, 9780999298206, 250pp.

Publication Date: June 24, 2019