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Cover for What the Mountains Know

What the Mountains Know

Life, Unstuck

Shannon Denise Evans


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Embodying the Magic of Elemental Alchemy

Everyone has a driving element, one that is both vice and virtue depending on its state of balance. Calling forth the elements and learning to unify them within you is your greatest asset--and challenge--as a human being.

Every minute of every day, we are managing a volatile internal ecosystem: elements, mind, ego, spirit, will, heart, body--the list is endless. These items on their own can feel overwhelming and we have yet to add living to the list. As a result, we end up stuck and paralyzed by inaction, where what should be open terrain becomes an impassable range of mountains. But what those mountains know and can teach us will unlock all that we are meant to be, if we only have the courage to listen and, more importantly, to seek their counsel.

What The Mountains Know takes you beyond the world's deafening noise, to a quiet space--a path that will lead you back to your soul. It is here that you can unify the fragmented elemental particles of the stardust from which you are made, from which we are all made. You were created to play with fire, to make waves, to whip up the wind, to seed the earth, move mountains.

What The Mountains Know can be likened to titles such as: A New Earth, The Untethered Soul, Four Agreements and The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.

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Lamplighter Publishing House, LLC, 9780999535103, 218pp.

Publication Date: June 29, 2018

About the Author

SHANNON DENISE EVANS is a multi-disciplinary artist, novelist, and life coach based in NYC. Between coaching others and her own personal experience, she believes we each possess a unique expression, one that is alchemically charged and designed to resonate within its own vibrational frequency. Her teachings center on the fact that we are not meant to suffer, rather we are designed to command the elements within us—we are born to be elemental, alchemical and to harness the magic of our expression.