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Cover for Luminata


Book 1 in the Meclauks Kingdom Series

Yvonne Carder


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A sunken curse. A hidden faerie realm. To save her kingdom, one girl must discover the magic within her heart.

Behind castle walls, Jessi Kleinfield dreams of adventure outside her quiet kingdom. But the once-peaceful realm falls into chaos when an evil sorceress stirs up ancient rivalries and banishes her palace home to an underwater prison. After narrowly escaping the rising tide, Jessi and her trusty dog can only watch helplessly as the waves swallow her family.

In her quest to lift the watery curse, she soon learns there's more to her kingdom than meets the eye. Hidden in plain sight, she discovers the entrance to an enchanted faerie realm. As she learns that her canine companion is hiding secrets of his own, a surprising magic stirs deep within her. With help from her new faerie friend, Jessi must learn to harness her powers before the dark spell wears off and steals her loved ones' last breath.

Luminata is the first book in the enchanting Meclauks Kingdom Young Adult fantasy series. If you like powerful sorcery, unique magical cultures, and faerie folklore, then you'll love Yvonne Carder's captivating quest.

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Yvonne Carder, 9780999730232, 308pp.

Publication Date: June 18, 2018